Sunday, May 22, 2016

3 Podcast Episodes Worth Your Time

I am a podcast lover.  I can play them in the background as I write, browse the internet, or do grunt work. Although multitasking generally gets a downvote, this type dulls the discomfort of boring activities.
"How to become Great at just about Anything"- Freakonomics
This episode explores a few questions. Does talent count or is it overrated in comparison to training? What is the 10,000-hour rule? How do you perform deliberate practice? Find out:

Some highlight points
  • deliberate practice has to be outside one's comfort zone
  • the importance of a coach to bring you to the next level
  •  deliberate practice means discomfort
  • deliberate practice needs feedback on particular things
  • hours of practice do not guarantee improvement
"The Person I Call Most for Startup Advice"- Tim Ferriss
Tim Ferriss interviews Naval Ravikant, an expert investor, CEO and co-founder of AngelList. You expect the grit of investing in the episode, but what you get is an inspiring commentary on life. Think zen. Think living a happier life.  Think habits to be more successful. Sounds like a good investment to me.
Some highlight points
  • picturing your life as a movie you are making
  • adding one good habit or taking one away
  • how to delve into as many books as you please

"Interview of Kevin Kelly, Co-Founder of WIRED, Polymath, Most Interesting Man in the World?"- Tim Ferriss
This episode is for dreamers. We all know that society demands we jump into a career ASAP.  I think we forget that we do have a choice in the matter. Kevin Kelly, one of the co-founders of WIRED magazine reminds me of a modern Thoreau with a hint of Da Vinci. He suggests living freely and frugally at a young age. Instead of focusing on a career so early, he gives you compelling reasons to instead spend the first parts of your young adult life as an adventurer instead of jumping on the ladder too early.
Highlight Points
  • building your own house
  • backpacking around the world
  • living actively as if you only had 6 months

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