Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3 Neat Online "Tools" for Meditation

Meditation seems like the favorite child of the wellness world. We all know it's important. We all know it does so many great things.  A person doesn't really need anything to meditate except their mind and attention.  Mix in a little willpower and you have everything you need already to start meditating.

But you can add pizzazz.  Who doesn't like pizzazz?

Add zest to your meditation:

 #1: MyNoise.net 

The MyNoise.net sound generator has curated sound environments. With ease, you can alter the volume at different frequencies. There are lots of choices to choose from. Right now, it is one of my favorites. I highly recommend dark water. Despite its name, it is not the soundtrack of a 2005 horror movie.

#2: Online Meditation Timer

Don't want to end your meditation with an annoying alarm? Try a nicer bell. This timer has intervals. It is easy to use.

#3: NatureSoundsforMe

Mix and match your own meditation sound environment and save it for posterity.

#4: Calm

New to meditation and would like some guidance? True to its name, this tranquil program guides you through with relaxing sights and sounds.

Which do you recommend?

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