Monday, April 25, 2016

Stupid Sleep Comfort Hack

Sleepless in Seattle, and Everywhere Else
Feeling too hot can prevent sleep. This is especially problematic if :

  • you're sleeping with a partner
  •  others insist on keeping the heater going
  • you're camping in a hot summer tent
  • your bed is directly above the portal to hell

Ice-packs to the Rescue
Using a chilled ice-pack on the stomach for as long as comfortable over a shirt or sheet helps . It can conveniently be used to cool down a pillow. Insomniacs tend to have higher core body temperatures at night than normal sleepers, so such an addition could aid in getting a better night's rest.

See? They're surrounded by ice and they're sleeping. My point is proven.

I wonder how well they'll all sleep when their
ice melts.

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